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” 어제 방송보고 걱정하는분들이 많아서ㅜㅜ
촬영하다가 얼굴을 좀다쳐서 마스크쓰고 있었어요~ㅜ지금은 다 나았으니 걱정말아요~!^^ 걱정끼쳐서 미안해요~♡
오늘도 좋은하루♡
[TRANS by Kym Lee] Because there were many people who were worried after watching the broadcast yesterdayㅜㅜ
My face got injured a little bit while filming so I was wearing~ㅜ It’s all healed now so don’t worry~!^^ I’m sorry for making you worry~♡
Have a nice day today too♡”


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